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We understand what works best to develop and bring out the best in people based on our experience as experts and thought leaders who have provided employee training, leadership consulting, technical assistance, and personal growth coaching to thousands of people over the last 30 years. 


In addition, we’ve compiled our best leadership practices and insights to assist you and your teams grow personally and professionally. 


Implement these practices right away to get started on your professional development journey.

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Recall Your Own Emotions About the Change 

Even in your senior position, if you are experiencing feelings like fear, worry, and stress, your employees are likely feeling them too.


Be Vulnerable 

Reveal your humanity and seek to connect with individuals. Your vulnerability can create a workplace grounded on honesty, authenticity, trust, and respect.


Be Solution Focused

Where there is a problem, there is also a solution. Empower your team to think beyond the challenge of change and fix their focus on opportunities, potential, and all that is positively possible.

Leaders are sometimes under pressure to speak up and say something during meetings. This pressure often stems from apprehension about how others will perceive them and their ability to lead. So, they think, let me say something! Regrettably, it is something they wish they had not said or said differently. And, as a result, they replay the experience, wondering what impression they made on others- thinking will it be good or bad? 


Then there’s the leader who constantly talks and doesn’t allow others to contribute effectively. Why is this the case? For the same reason, as stated above, they will not later consider the effect of what they said because they genuinely believe what they said was necessary for others to hear. 


So, how can leaders strike a delicate balance between speaking up, letting others talk, and ensuring their ideas are heard all at once? Check out this video to learn more and join the discussion. What are your thoughts on this subject? 

  • Is one path correct or incorrect? 
  • Is it ineffective leadership to speak up too frequently? 
  • Does a lack of contribution and thought-sharing cause ineffective leadership?

Being authentic at work is blemished because employees often feel they do not have the freedom to be who they really are. As a leader, you’re in a position to facilitate a safer, more genuine workplace. 


Establish a “curious culture” where you encourage employees to express, locate, and respect authenticity by: 


  •  Inviting them to speak their truth even if it’s unique to the majority and different from how things are “usually done.” 
  • Getting to know what they value, believe in, and hope for.
  • Understanding what would make their work more meaningful
  • Learning what they are disgruntled with and what can be improved
  • Asking how they wish to make a more significant impact and contribute to company growth


Doing this with intention and integrity will empower your teams to be their most authentic selves.

Coaching is a skill that can’t be understated. It’s the heart and soul of people development. 


Practice our CARE Formula to demonstrate compassion, boost performance, and enrich the lives of the people you depend on to make magic. 


Connect & Curiosity

Connection helps to break down barriers and cultivate trust. So go beyond surface conversations and demonstrate a natural curiosity for what is meaningful to the people you coach. Seek a connection point by uncovering their passions for life and purpose for the work.


Acknowledge & Affirm

Be a strength-focused leader who builds up and encourages your team by stating authentic and positive aspects of their performance. Acknowledge their efforts and sincerely praise their successes.


Responsibility & Results

Focus on the steps necessary to achieve performance results. Ask more questions and listen, rather than give demands so that your people determine necessary actions on their own. Ensure everyone is clear regarding the final goals, activities, and outcomes.


Educate & Empower

Offer your expertise, knowledge, and resources, and end each session with a spirit of empowerment! Let your team know you believe in their abilities and remind them that they have everything within themselves to succeed.

It’s easy to get bogged down with what is not working. But, complaining comes from a problem-focused mindset.


Complaining creates doubt among the people you lead, diminishes their trust in you and crushes their hope for something better. 


Instead be solution focused! 


Where there is a problem, there is also a solution. Empower yourself and your team to think beyond challenge and instead on opportunities, potential, and all that is positively possible.

Do You Belong? 

Do you question whether you are qualified to have a “seat at the table”? Do you doubt if you deserve your position? 


To have any leadership position comes with quite a bit of responsibility- that most eventually hold up to with assurance. But, initially, it can come with a heavy burden and a feeling of shock, leaving you to question the validity of everything you’ve achieved and your ability to do more challenging work to move ahead. 


Leadership doubt can drive you to play down your capabilities by comparing yourself and glorifying the talents of others. The evidence of this includes

  • Being consumed by imposter syndrome
  • Failing to be in a good relationship with yourself
  • Lacking to put a high value on what you bring to the leadership role
  • Focusing on a perspective that does not position you to get what you want out of your leadership role


But, these less-than-confident behaviors can change by shifting your mindset and focusing on what is genuine, excellent, and dynamic about you.


You can grow out of leadership doubt by believing in yourself, maintaining a winning perspective about your contribution, focusing on purposeful, positive change, and trusting yourself enough to mobilize the skills and resources needed to make an impact.



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